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Stop Multitasking

It is very common to see desi executives use their phones in social get togethers. They are generally seen with phones with a large screen and a number of keys, furiously punching away at their keyboard, as if the sky is about to fall on their heads. These execs are generally formally dressed, use the latest lingo, will tell you how busy they are and generally just back from some airport. They think it is very cool to pause someone they are talking to and start replying to some urgent message. Many times they stare at you out of decency, but their mind is engaged in composing the reply. They want to make a point that the company they work for, will stop if they do not reply at once. If anything they demonstrate their own insecurity.

(via nytimes) in a message to executives, the advice is to stop multitasking, for it makes anyone anxious, slows down production and hampers creativity. Executives need to make good judgements and this after synthesizing a lot of information. In pithy fashion, the article urges executives to cope by Focusing (do one thing at a time), Filtering (delegating so that you don’t take on too many tasks or too much information) and Forgetting (read: exercise, take breaks, clear your head).

Very likely the executives multitasking would have either missed this article or not synthesized the whole.

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