Advice from Senior Recruiters

Rise in the Wee Hours

Every successful person since the advent of opposable thumbs has risen at the crack of dawn. Set your alarm and get moving. — Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Get with the Gratitude

Thank-you notes are a must. E-mail is fine, but be specific as to what excited you about the opportunity,  how you
can   —  Tara McKernan, DHR International

Talk About the Team

Whether interviewing or happily employed, learn to communicate without using the words “I” and “me.” Talk about the players and the total effort, acknowledging and crediting others. It will become contagious and you’ll get your share of the glory, too. —Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Forget Easy Tricks, Quick Fixes

There are no success secrets. It’s about experience, performance, maturity, and attitude—rather than techniques, protocol, gimmicks, and magic talismans.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Plain Old Hard Work

Perspiration still wins over inspiration. Being a professional doesn’t mean you have to be super-motivated in everything you do. It means playing at the top of your game and performing as if you were inspired.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Stay Positive

Play to your strengths. Don’t focus on what you perceive to be your weaknesses and limitations. It’s a huge waste of energy.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Tell Your Boss the Truth

Here’s an opportunity for an up-and-comer who doesn’t have the universe to lose: Earn your boss’s trust by saying the hard thing, the
thing nobody else has the insight or courage to say.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Advance by Achieving.

It’s That Simple hit the ground running, and what impact you can make immediately.Don’t rely on recruiters to package or promote you. Seriously. We are not the answer to your prayers. Most of us never even answer our phones. Do brilliant work in your industry or discipline and we will find you when we have the right opportunity.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Don’t Throw Out the Baby …

Revitalize yourself, but don’t reinvent. Companies need the experience and accomplishments you’ve earned over time. Leave the instant makeovers for people who have something to hide. Leverage what you already have instead of focusing on what you fear you may lack.  – Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Rein in Expectations

Be realistic and set your goals at achievable levels. Naked ambition is a great thing, especially on reality TV, but baby steps may be more
effective at the moment. Besides, starting at the top is overrated. — Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

Network with Care

Work your contacts, but don’t work them over. Your network is a precious resource and should be treated as such. Now is the time to
use it … but gently. Ask for a reference, not a job. When you don’t put your friends on the spot, they’re more inclined to help you. —Mark Jaffe, Wyatt & Jaffe

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