The Software Services Game is Over

On Jul 12th shortly after Infosys announced the first quarter results, my blog witnessed traffic 20 times the daily normal. The blogpost everyone wanted to read was “The Infosys Bubble” written about five years ago. The article was written just after the company had celebrated its silver jubilee and everyone was celebrating. Everyone believed that Silver was going to turn to Gold. Lot of people that include students, teachers, parents and other civilians truly believe this run is going to continue forever. I am not saying that these companies will disappear but the current business model is under severe stress. I want everyone to know that joining these leading services companies as an employee will give you good experience but won’t make your rich. For investors I have no story whatsoever. For those sitting on profits it is time to cash in on their profits. Please note I am giving you all this advice for free which is the best part of this limited tale. I would everyone to read some of my  other articles on the same subject.

Infosys Gets Desperate

Infosys Rattled

The Infosys Crack, Character or Infrastructure 

The Service Game is Over

The Infosys Bubble

Opinion from Australia, On the Indian Services Game

Software Services Update


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