Portfolio in the News, Sept 2011

Clover Greens Hosts First Pro Tour:  The blustery conditions may have played havoc with the scores on the opening day but most pros found a way to tackle the wind, which was far worse in the second round, to return low scores in the third leg of the Hero Moto Corp- Women’s Professional Golf Championships at the newest and most picturesque venue on the pro tour, Clover Greens, on Wednesday. >>>

Sridhar Rajagopalan, CEO of EI interviewed in Huffington Post.  “The goal would be to have an educational system that allows people to reach their full academic potential. This will enable India to compete globally and to have a domestic society where people are engaging meaningfully and are able to solve the problems faced by their society. The system would need to focus on academic excellence and research, and also on developing compassionate and caring individuals.”   read more >>>

(via Entrepreneur India) Town Essentials was covered in Entrepreneur magazine.  Farm Fresh!  Town Essentials has organized a one window grocery supplier to the B2B segment in Karnataka. This has made life easy for restaurants, industrial canteens, fine dining that can now focus on running their business and engaging customer,s rather than getting up early in the morning to purchase groceries.  >>>

(via economictimes) Microbreweries, the newest addition to India’s expanding alcohol market.  Both Kingfisher and Doolally slug it out to attract the young. Doolally, a British slang for going mad, sells nearly 4,000 litres (7,000 pints) of beer at the pub each month, tapping in to a growing thirst for new tastes and experiences.  “It’s fresh, has no preservatives and I know what’s gone into it,” Dakshindas, a 33-year-old professional, told AFP as he decided on a wheat beer. “And you don’t get a hangover.”    read more >>>

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