11 learnings from the Anna Movement

(via Osho Shiva and rediff)  great article on learnings and mantras from the Anna movement.  He talks about 11 mantras that one can take away from the movement. The article is in slide form, mantra by mantra, would like to index into each of them.

Help consumers become free from corporate exploitation by providing them value-based alternates  >>>>

When value-creation reaches a critical mass, it keeps manifesting in most mysterious ways  >>>>

Humble and authentic entrepreneurs have the potential to emerge victorious over resourceful but egoistic business tycoons  >>>>

Develop organic leadership to sail through chaotic times   >>>>

Outside idea pool can provide breakthroughs when momentum comes to a halt    >>>>

Resources are in abundance, if your vision is harmonised with reality   >>>>

Authentic communication is far more potent than decorated intellectual jargon  >>>>

‘Being in the moment’ is the source of courageous responses that can turn crises into opportunities   >>>>

Intense focus on the current project is bound to evolve towards mega opportunities  >>>>

Show total commitment to your operative practices, even in the face of acute crisis   >>>>

and finally

Value-based symbolism can help you to expand your eco system  >>>>

there are many more that I will cover in another article.


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