10 Events / Decisions that decelerated India

If Maulana Azad had become Congress president for a third term, partition could have been avoided.

If Gandhi had gone with the majority view that Sardar Patel be made the first Prime Minister of India.

Voting should have been made compulsory in our constitution.

India should have implemented the common civil code, where the same law applies irrespective of religion.

The motivation for family planning, incentive schemes, were implemented  day 1 of independence. We would have had 500 million less mouths to feed

Lal Bahadur Shahstri had lived and governed India for 10 years. Non Nehru/ Gandhi  family PMs, for eg: Rao and Vajpayee,  have  have taken  decisions, that changed the course of history.

If India had chosen domestic free enterprise over the license Raj.

If Sanjay Gandhi and not Rajiv Gandhi had become PM of India.

The golden quadrilateral was not 2 lane, but 6 lanes of road + 4  railway tracks.

To win an election you needed at least 51% of votes polled, not simple majority of votes polled.

Please add your own and let me know.

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