The Enigma of Indian Technocrats

In India straight forward simple tasks are made convoluted and complicated. I have always wondered whether is done on intention or  just the way we think and are ?  The end effect is that the final product or service becomes more expensive to the end user or consumer.

However, engineering is much more than applied science. Engineering is a coordinated social performance of many people with the technical expertise distributed among them, like an orchestra. Social interactions constrain the results just as the strength of steel limits the height of our tallest buildings.

In Australia, a copious water supply and sanitation takes around 2 per cent of the economic resources of a family. In South Asia, barely enough potable water to survive can take 20-40 per cent of a family’s economic resources. Effective engineering in Australia accounts for much of the difference.

Via James Trevelyan in the Hindu read more   >>>>

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