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2 Greats pay tribute to Veer Sawarkar

2 greats, Pu La Deshpande and Atal Behari Vajpayee pay tribute to Veer Savarkar
The first 24 minutes in marathi by PLD , next 39 minutes in hindi by ABV.
some takeaways
The best i have heard from vajpayee.  My take, this beats his 1996 parliament speech by a bit
The negative propaganda of the congress party and the lib tards from JNU have never given Savarkar his due share in indian history
The same congress propaganda machine is working full time to demonize modi.
BJP restored some glory to this unsung hero by at least naming Port Blair airport after him
I have been fortunate to visit the cellular jail in Port Blair, if you have not visited Andamans, please plan your next vacation there, history and a beach vacation both in one.
You can guess or deduce when this speech was made.

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