Coolest Small Food Businesses

Food is one area, where one sees a lot of innovation and creativity. I have tried to compile a list of food concepts: food trucks, restaurants, coffee, fresh daily dinner kits, etc. How many of them will succeed and scale only time can answer.

ScratchDC (let’s get cookin)

They create fresh daily dinner kits, that come chopped, measured, marinated and are delivered to cook. All the produce is locally sourced. They have only one dish per day, and delivered to your home from 2pm to 8pm. The bundle comes with a list of ingredients, recipes and also a list of utensils required to cook the dinner. They are becoming very popular in DC area. read more >>>>

Crock Spot (slow cooked gourmet cuisine)

Crock Spot offers the Denver area slow cooked gourmet cuisine. All of our proteins, including our vegetarian options, are cooked slowly to mouthwatering perfection, served over healthy grain varietals and topped with sauce of choice. Thair unique concept offers a Build a Bowl menu that will suit a wide variety of palates. Nominated to be America’s Favorite Food Truck in 2011 by the Food Truck Network.  read more >>>>>

Fojol Bros (A “traveling culinary carnival.”)

The Fojol Bros. are more than just food truck chefs. They are also carnival performers. The brothers serve up Indian- and Ethiopian-style food truck classics over basmati rice and injera, respectively. While the fojol bros. may represent something different to each of us, they hope to bring together local communities through a dynamic food experience on DC’s streets. Yet another Washington DC phenomena. read more >>>>

Chipotle Mexican Grill (Can Restaurants Deliver a Higher-Quality Pizza in 2 Minutes)

The ascendant Mexican-food chain known for its mix of healthy-enough, fast-enough food, has the blueprint from its burritos: Make pizza fast, individually tailored and with higher-quality ingredients than low-end competitors. The restaurant’s executives want to carve out a niche between eating pizza at home and heading to a high-end, sit-down Italian restaurant. read more  >>>>>

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