Death Of A Salesman by Rohinton Aga

This article was brought to my attention by Sridhar Rajagopalan, former CEO and founder of Educational Initiative at one of the board meetings around the 2013 – 2014 time frame. He shared a photocopy of the article, from which I could not figure out the publication that had published it nor the date of the publication. Some of the pages were cropped because of bad photocopying. I have read the article multiple times and shared copies with some close friends.

This article needed to be shared more widely. Just scanning the photocopy and sharing it would do no justice to this article.  It had to retyped and formatted and I just could not get down to doing it. It was a coincidence that I was cleaning out my desk searching for an important document that I found this even more important read and my daughter Medha was on vacation after her freshman year at UIUC binging on Netflix. I requested Medha to retype (via OCR) and format the article. She worked at it for about 6 hours and warned me that OCR is still an emerging technology, hinting that she had to type in quite a bit of it.

Late Rohinton Aga

I have taken this effort to republish the article because for some reason this great piece of writing was not available anywhere on the net. I knew this will greatly benefit all those trying to sell something, businesses struggling to sell, salesmen who want some introspection and more. On republishing without the permission of the late author, I am guided by the wisdom that it is better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Republishing this article is also a tribute to Rohinton Aga,  who contributed in many ways to the development of Pune in the ’60s and ’70s. His wife, Ms Anu Aga, who does not know me directly but we did recently meet at a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch at Ajay Agarwal’s place having a dialogue on many matters including the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Another coincidence is that Medha and her granddaughter studied together in the same school. By the way, that is what Pune is all about, coincidences.

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