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Calibrating – India vs China

I first visited Shanghai in 1996 and at that time the pace of development was exhilarating. I had accepted that catching up for India would be a tall order, but then I was young and optimistic that India would catch up one day.

Also had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong from 1998 to 2003 with Intel. Every other week I used to fly to either Shanghai or Beijing, every time I visited, there was something new to experience.

The below video was produced in 2019, I was personally in awe with what I saw but too good to be true. For everyone who is into FinTech, Retail, Investment, Politics, and ranting India vs China a must watch.

The video was too good to be true, so I contacted friend and former colleague Mahesh Sundaram who had worked with me in Hong Kong and also had the opportunity to work in China from 2008 to 2015.

My message to him

Mahesh should I take above at face value or a pinch of salt. You have the most recent experience.

His response

Shrikant – I would never bet against China and always bet that China will be massive. I’ll put good money behind that bet. You cannot go wrong. There is a current phase due to Covid and the Sino-us relations mess caused by Trump, and talk about decoupling from China. No one can decouple from China because others cannot compete. It’s as simple as that. My neighbor was asking me last weekend whether I would go back to China and the answer without hesitation is – absolutely yes. This phase will come and go, as Biden repairs the relationship and China will be back in business. There is an article around how Apple has managed their presence and dependence on China inspite of Trump and other dynamics. I’ll send it to you. It’s a worthwhile read.

I just wanted to cross check whether I was watching fiction or non-fiction. So we all have the clarification.

The post is incomplete, in search of a Video that represents the progress India has made. So the request to all the ‘Jingos’ if you have one please send it my way.

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