Describing Someone with an OTT (over the top) opinion of themselves

In Spanish slang it is generally a powerful fictional character with a tiny territory

Yeti of the Fridge Freezer

Aquaman of the toilet bowl

Tarzan of the flowerpot

Phrases about the boastful or the conceited

He thinks he is the last biscuit in the bag – Brazil

He thinks he is the last suck on the Mango – Mexico

He thinks he is the Pope’s mustard maker – France

He think’s he is the cheeze but he is only the stink – Scotland

If you have been to Tenerife he has been Elevenerife – Ireland

Samurai of the Butter knives

Wolfgang Amadeus FlowChart

Champagne taste, milk bottle pockets – East London

my favourite phrases about a stingy person who never buys a round at the pub are the Irish “he’s allergic to mahogany” and the Aussie “he wouldn’t shout in a shark attack”

5. All hat and no cattle (Texas) 4. Lots of bubble gum but little popping (Venezuela) 3. No hair on your head but a comb in your pocket (Berlin) 2. If he made 100 knives, none would have a handle (Iran) 1. The thunder is loud but the rain is light (China)

“Mucho ruido y pocas nueces”Lots of noise but few nuts-Spanish

All farts and no shite we say in Costa Rica

Some international variants of “storm in a teacup” 5. To make a tempest in a teapot (US English) 4. To make a camel out of a gnat (Icelandic) 3. To make a hen out of a feather (Swedish) 2. To see a mosquito and draw a sword (Korean) 1. The hills shook, a mouse was born (Serbian)

My favourite that I’ve used for a real person who shall remain nameless is ‘Sultan of the Semicolon’

Another Polish expression for over-dressing that I love is odjebać się jak szczur na otwarcie kanału (‘you look like a rat for the opening of a sewer’)

International keyboard warrior names… 7. Internet hussars (Hungarian) 6. Knights of the cable (Lithuanian) 5. Sofa troops (Ukrainian) 4. 101st Chairborne (English) 3. Heroes in socks (Dutch) 2. Flowerpot Sandokan (Chilean Spanish) 1. Warlords of the comments section (Swedish)

In Serbian slang an old lady that sits by the window all day spying on the neighbours can be called snajper baba, which means ‘sniper grandma’ – a curtain twitcher

there’s a Norwegian variant that translates to “big in mouth, small in underwear”

legend in his own lunchbox

“He thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow”

“The shit has ended up on the shelf and thinks it’s the plum jam”

In Finland you might say “The world doesn’t revolve around your navel” to such a person

I like this last one the best and will end here.

“If I could buy you for what you’re really worth, then sell you for what you think you’re worth, I’d make millions”.


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