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Top Misused English Words

(via listverse) Andrew Pepper presents ten words misused by either professional writers or public speakers who, let’s be honest, should really know better. I’m not being paid for this, so I don’t feel so bad if there are mistakes! The words are refute, instant, enormity, less, chronic, literally, panacea, disinterested, decimate and ultimate. Please read to… Continue reading Top Misused English Words

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150 years of Maverick Genius

MIT was founded by William Barton Rogers in 1861 and marks its 150th anniversary this month. The university is relatively small by U.S. standards with about 10,000 students and 1,000 faculty. At MIT everyone is eccentric!, its brainwaves keep the U.S. a superpower. MIT alumni have founded 25,800 companies, employ a quarter of workforce in… Continue reading 150 years of Maverick Genius