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Companies to Watch 12-01-2018

Few companies getting some good traction. Daily Ninja: They are digitizing the last mile in daily morning milk delivery. In addition to milk, they also deliver fresh bread, eggs, fresh chapatis, vegetables etc.  For now available in select apartments across Bangalore. Portfolio company Towness manages the non-milk backend for Daily Ninja. GenWise Talent Development: This is India's… Continue reading Companies to Watch 12-01-2018

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Why India will not become a Super Power this Century

A few old school mates met up last Sunday and were discussing the current economic and political situation. I commented, that in a few years, 50 families will rule this country, economically and politically. There was silence and for a change everyone agreed. The reason, that few families will control this country implies that we… Continue reading Why India will not become a Super Power this Century