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(via CNN)  How golf helps drive the U.S. economy   >>>>>>


Golf contributes  US$ 68 billion to the U.S. economy… World Golf Foundation

President Barack Obama’s love of golf is well documented, one report even claiming he spends more time on the course than in economic meetings.  “One, he’s arguably the busiest man in the world with the toughest job in the world, but he can make time to play. He played five times on his recent vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

The tournaments such as  the Masters at Augusta and competitions run by the PGA of America, the PGA Tour, the USGA, and the LPGA generated approximately $1.2 billion in 2011

The golf industry is larger than the spectator sports and performing arts industries combined,” WGF chief executive Steve Mona told CNN.

Employs close to two million Americans with a combined wage income of $55.6 billion.

There are two economies in golf.  There’s the participation economy which is about the everyday golf facilities, trying to attract golfers and current players to play as much they can. “Then there’s the entertainment side of golf too and that’s where the professional tours come in. that relates to the interest of the game.

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Town Essentials goes Consumer.  Founded by Amar Murty and supported by yours truly, Town was primarily a B2B service, servicing 400 restaurants, caterers, institutional canteens, in and around Bangalore, on the lines of Sysco.   In serendipity, we discovered,  about 30 families around Bangalore were using our service. We investigated “Why?” these customers were buying from us, to our pleasant surprise it was the quality of Town groceries. This highlighted the fact, that the street corner kirana store and food departmental stores like Spencers, Food Bazaar, Reliance, etc were driven by attributes other than quality. The corner kirana  store scores on gratification via good service and organized retail by optimizing price via higher volumes. Town delivers on many fronts, the best quality in its class, environmental friendly packing, personally selected fresh veggies and delivery at your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your current supplier, ” Checkin To  Town”  >>>>

Livemint  in an article, “The Long and Shot of it”, covers DesmondJi, India’s first agave-based beverage.  DesmondJi will provide a number of drinking options via neat shots or in cocktail form.  A  750ml bottle of 51% agave from DesmondJi costs Rs495, while the 100% comes for Rs750 in Goa. Very soon, DesmondJi will be available across India after signing a national sales and distribution agreement with Nashik Vintners Pvt. Ltd, the company that owns Sula Vineyards. Eight months and about 3,000 cases (12 bottles each) later, Desmond founder of DesmondJi, says he is yet to meet someone who has complained of a hangover after a night of pure DesmondJi-bingeing. Some consumers have claimed it’s given them second wind, particularly after the first yawn of a late evening…… >>>>

Clover Greens launches villas around their Golf course on the Sarjapur – Attibelle link road. The villas will be developed by Assetz Homes, a Singapore based company.   Put your life on course by discovering “The Beautiful Life” at Clover Greens >>>>

Educational Initiatives(EI)  has a brand new website, check it out,  trust me it is world class!  >>>>

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Introducing Clover Greens

Once in a while, I have decided to write about my portfolio companies. I would like to start with Clover Greens, adjacent to Clover Fields, off Sarjapur Attibelle link road, Bangalore.

“A passion became an obsession. It drove 6 men who loved to play the game also build one. A course few know about, no tee times, no tailing, no waiting and  you can freely try that hesitant “give me another ball shot” “. For some it is the best kept secret in Bangalore.

Clover Greens Golf Course opened for play on March 1st 2009, six years after six technology professionals dreamed of building one and embarked on a journey with no previous experience. The outcome was a 18-hole, 6000+ yards, par 70 course designed by Phil Ryan of Pacific Coast Design, Melbourne, Australia. Phil ensured the natural character of the land was enhanced and at the same time maximized its environment potential. Combined with the design principles of the game of golf, this careful environmental balance has resulted in a challenging course to play in all conditions – it offers risks, rewards and opportunities while adopting a fair line of play for the pleasure of enjoying a good round in a relaxed environment.

Clover Greens has been designed to be eco friendly. The fairway grass is all native, carefully selected from areas around the golf course. This local grass is weed, pest and drought resistant, demands water that is a fraction of  conventional golf courses. There is no compromise on the turf look and feel or the playing experience. We hope all golf courses across the country realize that using localgrass is a better proposition than imported grass. Only organic fertilizer is used, this fertilizer is made from a patented technology that cures and sterilizes poultry droppings and converts them to afine powder.

For all those who would like to work on the finer aspects of their game, the just launched Clover Greens Golf Academy is the place to be. Supported by a team of pro-golfers led by Sujay Ghorpade the academy has a 2 storey driving range with 10 bays on each floor, a swing analysis room, a gymnasium, a conference room and a small snack bar.

There is more to come at Clover Greens: 165 luxury villas, a full fledged clubhouse with 40 rooms, a resort and a full fledged sports complex. Each villa will be built on quarter of an acre and compelling views of the golf course. The promoters want to keep the place quiet, they are not in a hurry to add members and the current plan is to not add more than 500 members.

Clover Greens was designed and is a golfer friendly course. The opening short Par 4 at 333 yards gives a gentle introduction to the course, with ample landing area for those golfers still warming up. It is not until the third hole, the Par 5 at 540 yards, that golfers start to feel a bit of intimidation creeping in with a mostly dry water body just after the tee box, bunkering to the left and a green
not in line of sight..

Golfers often breathe a sigh of relief as they leave green No 12 and look at the card showing the next hole, number 13, as a short Par 4 of 349 yards. They predict that it will be far easier –until they reach the tee. Sitting amongst established silver oaks (which create a ‘chute’ effect reminiscent of Augusta National), the 4th hole allows little room for error and is one of the most picturesque golf holes in India. The landing zone features a lake to the right, and the green is again surrounded by bunkers and established trees. If your drive is well-positioned, you can score well, but this little beauty can easily rattle your confidence.

The massive rock outcrop running from the north to the south across the site provides a backdrop to eleven holes, and is intimidating in its own right. Holes 1, 4 and 16 on the eastern side use the rock as a visual addition, while holes 17 and 18 to the north feature the rock as an integral part of the hole – especially hole 18, where the green sits between two of the largest rocks along the range.

On the western side of the ridge, holes 6 and 8 use the rock as a backdrop to the tees, giving both elevation and visual impact. But it is longest hole on the golf course – the Par 5, hole 7 at 586 yards – where the green sits within the rock ridge; this makes it one of the hardest holes on the card. Unlike many of the new golf courses in India, Clover has no golf cart paths – just paths from green to tee, so most of the golfers love to walk the fairways. The course was designed to feature trees and mounding between fairways, so a lot of the time golfers feel as if they are playing on their very own private golf course!

At the end of a round, sitting in the club, Belly Bunker, at Clover, you feel like part of a family – it is a club run by golfers, who want you to have a worthwhile time in this very special part of India. They cannot guarantee a great score – that is up to you – but they can guarantee a great round of golf.

For more information you cant visit the  Clover Greens website >>>>

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Clover Greens Hosts First Pro Tour:  The blustery conditions may have played havoc with the scores on the opening day but most pros found a way to tackle the wind, which was far worse in the second round, to return low scores in the third leg of the Hero Moto Corp- Women’s Professional Golf Championships at the newest and most picturesque venue on the pro tour, Clover Greens, on Wednesday. >>>

Sridhar Rajagopalan, CEO of EI interviewed in Huffington Post.  “The goal would be to have an educational system that allows people to reach their full academic potential. This will enable India to compete globally and to have a domestic society where people are engaging meaningfully and are able to solve the problems faced by their society. The system would need to focus on academic excellence and research, and also on developing compassionate and caring individuals.”   read more >>>

(via Entrepreneur India) Town Essentials was covered in Entrepreneur magazine.  Farm Fresh!  Town Essentials has organized a one window grocery supplier to the B2B segment in Karnataka. This has made life easy for restaurants, industrial canteens, fine dining that can now focus on running their business and engaging customer,s rather than getting up early in the morning to purchase groceries.  >>>

(via economictimes) Microbreweries, the newest addition to India’s expanding alcohol market.  Both Kingfisher and Doolally slug it out to attract the young. Doolally, a British slang for going mad, sells nearly 4,000 litres (7,000 pints) of beer at the pub each month, tapping in to a growing thirst for new tastes and experiences.  “It’s fresh, has no preservatives and I know what’s gone into it,” Dakshindas, a 33-year-old professional, told AFP as he decided on a wheat beer. “And you don’t get a hangover.”    read more >>>

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(via TOI) Indian Mindspark to help US students learn Maths. Ahmedabad-based Educational Initiatives (EI) is all set to take their latest invention – Mindspark – to help the students in USA to master their multiplication, division and more with greater ease. EI was founded by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) graduates Sridhar Rajagopalan and Sudhir Ghodke. >>>

Desmond Nazareth came back to India in 2000 to make a Salman Rushdie movie. Things did not work out, so he turned to developing basic ingredients to support his passion for mixing Margharitas. You can visit the website for more information >>>>

Indian Retail sucks and the grocery buying experience sucks even more. Drive in traffic, find a parking, shop in smelly isles, fresh produce that turns you off, long wait for check out, carry bags to car, drive again in traffic, carry bags from car to kitchen. Town Essentials a full service grocer has launched “Home-Direct” that will deliver grocery, fresh vegetables and fruits directly to your door step anywhere in Bangalore. For more information please visit >>>>

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Clover Greens driving range is now open. The range is open from 7 am to 5 pm and  open to non-members also. Non members pay a Rs 100 cover charge on weekdays and Rs 200 on weekends. A bucket of balls costs Rs 50.

Driving range has added more flexibility to Clover Greens. It now allows busy members to practice a few shots without playing a full game. Those new to the game can swing away without any inhibition.

The driving range will be part of the Clover Greens Golf Academy managed by Sujai Ghorpade and Col Nagaraja. A professional gym and a swing analysis machine are being added shortly.

Clover Greens is Bangalore’s youngest Golf Course and some also call it Bangalore’s best kept secret. For more information please visit the official website.

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