Why does the Reliance Brand not leave the shores of India ?

Reliance Industries is one of the amazing success stories in Indian corporate history that arrives once in a century. The story of their founder Dhirubhai Ambani is even more interesting. In 1977 Reliance Industries listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange which initiated the equity cult in India. In the 80s they became a 'Textile Giant',… Continue reading Why does the Reliance Brand not leave the shores of India ?

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Golf and the U.S. economy

(via CNN)  How golf helps drive the U.S. economy   >>>>>>   Golf contributes  US$ 68 billion to the U.S. economy... World Golf Foundation President Barack Obama's love of golf is well documented, one report even claiming he spends more time on the course than in economic meetings.  "One, he's arguably the busiest man in… Continue reading Golf and the U.S. economy


Portfolio In the News 22-Jan-2012

Town Essentials goes Consumer.  Founded by Amar Murty and supported by yours truly, Town was primarily a B2B service, servicing 400 restaurants, caterers, institutional canteens, in and around Bangalore, on the lines of Sysco.   In serendipity, we discovered,  about 30 families around Bangalore were using our service. We investigated "Why?" these customers were buying… Continue reading Portfolio In the News 22-Jan-2012