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My oxford prof used to say poorer the country, the more pompous its diplomats.Indians,africans use mercs americans use metro…. @sagarikaghose

Sure Arundhati Roy would love it if all our industries shut down, corporate leaders exiled and we all wrote essays about joys of rustic life… @sagarikaghose

‘Mrs Sonia Gandhi never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity!”… wikileaks

‘Gen Jacob once famously said, ‘I am an Indian, a soldier, a patriot, a nationalist and a Jew.’…. @KanchanGupta

Write d script of ur life with such passion dat even the Gods must walk with u… @shekarkapur

we ‘must move from concept of value for MONEY, to value for MANY’…. V Govindrajan

“We are culture rich but design poor”….. unknow

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