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Calibrating – India vs China

I first visited Shanghai in 1996 and at that time the pace of development was exhilarating. I had accepted that catching up for India would be a tall order, but then I was young and optimistic that India would catch up one day. Also had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong from 1998 to… Continue reading Calibrating – India vs China

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The Future of Food

Was forwarded this presentation by Bhavish Sood which a must read tagtaste-india-opportunity-mapping-reportDownload Some notes from the presentation The restaurant business is a big gamble Only 0.7% restaurants that have been in existence for at least three years ever paid Income Tax. 49% of restaurants are not profitable restaurants that are bubbling all the time one… Continue reading The Future of Food


The Indian Cricket team showed the world how good they can be

As India celebrates the stupendous victory in Australia, this celebration is more binding and greater than any festival India celebrates. The narration by Steve Waugh in his superb video 'Cricket is Religion in India' from time [5:16] describes today's victory best. A lot of people who have got very little material possession but when they… Continue reading The Indian Cricket team showed the world how good they can be


The Story of Papwa Sewgolum—The unknown Indian sporting great

[ This article has been reproduced from a WhatsApp forward] Long, but interesting read tinged with sadness and the inherent injustice of bigotry that comes through strongly. It was 1955. Graham Wulff was the man behind Oil of Olay. A former Unilever Chemist from Durban, he and business partner Jack Lowe had made the product… Continue reading The Story of Papwa Sewgolum—The unknown Indian sporting great


Develop Mental Models by Charlie Munger

great article that profiles Charlies Munger The Profile Dossier: Charlie Munger, the Master of Mental Models “Deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end." Polina MarinovaMay 27112 legendary investor Charlie Munger believes that the avoidance of stupidity is more important than the pursuit of excellence. “You have a… Continue reading Develop Mental Models by Charlie Munger


Impromptu Performances

Lucky Ali at Arambol in North Goa after listening to the musical evening was requested for a song and he sang impromptu for all present . Was a lovely setting . Via 100 Musicians playing "Love You Zindagi" A rare clip of Hemant Kumar and V. Balsara in a private setting The… Continue reading Impromptu Performances