shrikant 3Shrikant Patil is an investor in young companies that have built brands with interesting stories.

Some of the brands he has directly built are Clover Fields, Clover Greens, Towness.com , MorningDrop.com , Asset Talent Search, Asset Summer Program. He has been a day 1 investor in Doolally India’s first micro-brewery, Investor and on the governing council of DesmondJi that developed India’s first equivalent of Tequila and now Mahua with the potential to be India’s own Tequila. He was also a day 1 investor in Educational Initiatives (EI), famous for Asset and Mindspark. in 2014 he joined the EI management team, drove online and international sales and conceived the Asset Talent Search and Asset Summer Program. He exited after Gaja Capital took majority stake in EI.

Shrikant hobbies include brewing, cycling, golf, trekking and finding dives which serve great food.

Trying to act busy with the following

Independent Director Indus Biotech getting ready to list on the National Stock Exchange

Partner in 100watts – A Retail Venture Studio helping companies build technology to make retail more efficient.

Founder, Director Clover Greens – Bangalore’s best kept secret – A golfer friendly Golf Course.

Advisor to Genwise helping create learning experiences that trigger the love for life long learning

Director DesmondJi – Taking Mahua to the World (MTTW)- repeat what Mexico did with Tequila, flipping Mahua to the World to US markets.

Shrikant’s first and only job was with Intel Corporation from 1991 to 2005. His last responsibility as Director of  Solutions Group for South Asia based in Mumbai. Shrikant grew up in the city of Pune, schooling at Loyola High School, graduated in Computer Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology aka (PICT), in 1989 he left for the United States to get a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

After graduating in 1991, he joined Intel as a Design Engineer in VLSI-microchip design in Folsom, California. In 1994, getting a little restless with the stability of his job and lifestyle, he moved to Haifa, Israel, to work on Intel’s first microprocessor design, codenamed P55C, outside the United States, using the weekends to extensively travel across the holy land, Sinai and Egypt. In 1998, he moved to Hong Kong to manage non-equity deal investments, ran Asia’s content management for Intel’s Web Outfitter Service, founded the Intel Solution Services organization, and managed a group of technical staff that spanned across Asia Pacific. For the next 5 years, he saw the boom and bust of the internet hysteria, the transition of Hong Kong from Britain to China, the continued growth of China, the property bust of Hong Kong, and the rise of Korea from ashes in 1997 to the digital superpower that it is today. In 2003, Shrikant returned to India to manage the enterprise and solutions group. His deep interest in the impact of technology on society, along with his association with young companies that do innovative work with the highest ethical standards, supported by the best practices, is captured in this blog. You can reach Shrikant Patil at shrikant.patil@gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter , and LinkedIN

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Shrikant,

    As a young company in the field of hi-tech embedded systems, we would like to learn from your vast experience the most appropriate ways of growing our business from Pune.

    We specialise in embedded linux development on handheld platforms (or any device form). I would be glad to mail you our company profile to provide an overview of our offerings.

    It would be a pleasure to meet up , if you can spare the time. A visit to our setup in Kothrud would really be of desire.

    Hoping to hear from you!



  2. Hello Shrikant,

    Since you were an early investor in EI, you probably know a little about GI, that is GiveIndia. My name is Amita and I have been working with GiveIndia for over five years now.

    GI has ambitious plans for Internet Giving this year and as part of those plans we’d like to have a greater web presence. That why I have set up the official GI blog at


    You’ve been an active blogger for years so I’d love it if you took a look and gave me any insights or opinions.

    Take care and warm regards,


  3. Hello Shrikant,

    I got your reference from some one who used to teach in PICT and also from one of my friends who is an ex-PICT.

    I couldn’t get your direct email address or phone from either, but just googled your name and got your web-site in search.

    Any ways, ProtonDreams is a very early stage startup with clear vision of leveraging mobile technology to bring peace of mind to day to day business critical operations. We have already developed a generic mobile platfrom that can be used to automate remote operation to farmers using it to manage their field operations; for example switching on-off their water pumps from remote locations (No, it is not a timer based device!).

    We use the underlying SMS framework for the communication. Why, simply because GPRS is still in early stage in India and the cost is still very high. The framework is built in such a way that when ever the era of free GPRS arrives we just have to change some configuration settings and we are ready for GPRS.

    Well, I can’t give more details on blog, can i!! But if you are really interested in knowing more about ProtonDreams and what we do; please do drop me an email.

    We based in Pune and would cetainly be interested in meeting you.

    Looking forward to our meeting.

    Best Regards,
    Vinay Bhide
    Founder, ProtonDreams – Think Positive

  4. Hello Shrikant,

    I got your reference from Prashant Vishwanathan (PV), CEO of Approva, who is my ex-boss, a friend and a mentor

    In February 2008, I along with couple of other Approvians started ProtonDreams, a product development organization with an idea to build a generic web & mobile enabled platform that can extend any business application to front-line employees.

    Since then we have build the platform and as our first product offering have developed a workforce management solution – AutoFlow.

    We are a Pune based garage startup, currently working out of my home.

    In brief, AutoFlow eliminates any manual intervention in task management, including scheduling and tracking, by automatically publishing the tasks to users on their mobile. The resources located anywhere can update the status from anywhere-anytime using their mobile. As a first step, we have used SMS framework for communication.

    We intend to offer this as a hosted solution to our customers, where by people can choose to manage any project(s) or operation(s) using our server.

    I will great if you can spare some time and give me chance to explain the product in detail with live demo.

    Best Regards,
    Vinay Bhide

  5. Hey Shrikant,

    What a pleasant surprise to find you here!!! I dont know if you remember me….This is Rajiv from erstwhile Intellec Visions from Mumbai….we had worked together on MMX projects when you were with Intel!!!

    Nice to see a different side of you. Would love to meet you. Get in touch with me on my email and send me your contact….lets talk….

  6. As, the people in the company you invested in has specified their educational degree, obviously to get business (their product / service could have spoken about their capabilities instead). Even the government has taken advantage of this weakness of social mindset. In a way all degrees are scam. (with reference to interview given to Ankush (Entrepreneur.in))

  7. we can meet regarding grocery supplies,we are suppliers for hotel,caterers,institution supplies from last 15 yrs, also manufactering food products, we can meet & benefit each other

  8. Hello Shrikant Sir,

    I read your article “Change is Needed” on Entrepreneur.com. I liked it very much. Each and every word mentioned there is true to my knowledge. Then I searched for you in google and got into this site.

    Here I found a lot many interesting articles which will defenitely guide us towards the change.

    I would like to introduce myself as the Founder cum CEO of Centre for Advance Computing (CAC) situated at Berhampur, Odisha. It was started in the year 2001 from a Computer Training Institution with 1 Computer and 1 Staff. Now it has got 5 Branches with 70+ Staff Members. Now we are into 5 different modes of Education.

    We have got different plans in the education sector starting from Primary Education To Higher Education. But we will be requiring support and guidance from intelectuals like you.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Debasish Rath
    Founder-CEO, CAC

  9. shrikant ji, hope you are doing great.
    I am going to complete my PGDM (MBA) from chennai in April.
    I want to start my own training and development co.
    Purpose of the company is to make difference in others life.
    I want to do something for society or community for which i would be remembered for.
    just i was searching and found your block.
    i want to be the best motivational speaker and trainer.
    I want your guideline and support to make it happen in perfect way with your brilliant ideas.
    Looking forward for your response.

    yours faithfully

  10. Shrikant,

    I am enrolled in my final year B Tech at a private college in Pune, India — your home town. I think I have wasted my four years when I read your blog, because everything they taught us or examine us on for marks in the annual result card seem counter to what an experienced and successful individual like you talks about. I feel I would have learnt more being your mistress for a month than my four years in this stupid meaningless education system that my parents boast about to everyone they know (they paid a lot of money to get me in the college I am now, and send me money regularly to make sure I pass my exams with good marks).

    I would love to complete my post-graduation with you — as I said I feel being your mistress would be more rewarding than going to another meaningless school for two years and sleeping with morons to keep oneself refreshed. I think it would be more meaningful than going to the US which my parents want me to do.

    I would love to hear from you and hoping to a meaningful relationship.



  11. Hi,

    I have been looking to connect with an Angel investor / VC who understands the innovative concepts of business connected to the current world and that which has humongous growth and money.

    I have a training and development company in the name of Future Track Global. This company was created after my experience with the potential of training as a trainer and consultant all across India, being able to derive enormous fame and respect the clients i worked with.

    As i realised this industry in future holds sufficient growth, i finally started the company in 2008. FTG at its birth was amongst the few to initiate Finishing School Training Programs in India and executed several Training and Development programs for a worldwide known brand HP. Later FTG started to cater to the corporates and BPOs always making the attempt to stand out and succeeded. Training and development was not very popular in India around 2008-2010 and most companies like today did not have it enlisted as a mandatory function in their annual calendar.

    I got related to an American IT organisation as a business development head appointment to shift to Chicago and as well handle operation in Washington DC with the US commercial market and Government. Our Chicago unit had a training center which i was handling from India while waiting for my H1B. I was then looking ahead to redevelop FTG in US in a few years. After a year of being engaged in my american functions i realized the potential and growth which was upcoming in India so leaving the US organization, i shifted to Mumbai and restarted Future Track Global.

    Through innumerable efforts and obstacles without a team, i made it possible to spread the name of FTG and made it a brand at several places especially Mumbai.

    Due to my personal name in the training division I got a further way through to clients. Last year i shifted to Pune, due to my love for Pune and initiated some unique programs. My mission to enter the international world also began. Africa showed up with immense interest and prospect and managed to form a team and office in Addis Ababa. We are well connected to the African government and it has already recognised FTG as a part of their growth and development for Industries and employment. Meanwhile i got busy opening an ITES company with the name of FTG IT Services and I am looking to take FTG TnD to countries from Jan 2015. My next mission after Africa is the UAE and the Southeast Asian countries followed by Japan (where i have already made my connects). India certainly will always remain the base and we will continue our operations here.

    Having said all of this I still would refer FTG as a start up before you because the plans are in place and we approximately know the kind of returns. I am looking for investment in the company so that I can fulfil the dreams that i hold with the company and i know will materialise. Our programs are very well planned and we provide niche content and our pool of consultant trainers is large from all parts of the country and efficient. This industry has enormous financial scope and has no saturation as the industries, corporate houses, healthcare, hospitality, colleges and universities are growing everyday.

    If you consider this proposal, I would request a mode of communication with you.

    Thank you


    Riaa Banerjee

    Future Track Global

    Ph: +919503438400

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