Portfolio News, April 2011

(via TOI) Indian Mindspark to help US students learn Maths. Ahmedabad-based Educational Initiatives (EI) is all set to take their latest invention – Mindspark – to help the students in USA to master their multiplication, division and more with greater ease. EI was founded by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) graduates Sridhar Rajagopalan and Sudhir Ghodke. >>>

Desmond Nazareth came back to India in 2000 to make a Salman Rushdie movie. Things did not work out, so he turned to developing basic ingredients to support his passion for mixing Margharitas. You can visit the website for more information >>>>

Indian Retail sucks and the grocery buying experience sucks even more. Drive in traffic, find a parking, shop in smelly isles, fresh produce that turns you off, long wait for check out, carry bags to car, drive again in traffic, carry bags from car to kitchen. Town Essentials a full service grocer has launched “Home-Direct” that will deliver grocery, fresh vegetables and fruits directly to your door step anywhere in Bangalore. For more information please visit >>>>

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