india shining

Companies to Watch 12-01-2018

Few companies getting some good traction.

Daily Ninja: They are digitizing the last mile in daily morning milk delivery. In addition to milk, they also deliver fresh bread, eggs, fresh chapatis, vegetables etc.  For now available in select apartments across Bangalore. Portfolio company Towness manages the non-milk backend for Daily Ninja.

GenWise Talent Development: This is India’s most experienced team in Gifted education and talent development. Gifted education is virtually non-existent in India, few companies such as Educational Initiatives and GenWise are addressing this segment. The needs of Gifted Students or academically precocious students can be called special needs as special as slow learners. The will have a residential summer school for gifted students in grades 7, 8, and 9 from May 6th-20th in Bengaluru.

Chai Point: Now available at Bengaluru airport, their Ginger Tea is to die for.  Before boarding the bus or cab this is my must do. The Chai Point ginger tea at Rs 40 is the least expensive of all other options at the airport.


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