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Welcoming 2021 via a Scottish Tradition

As we enter the new year, wanted to share an interesting Scottish New Year tradition.

As tradition requires ‘BBC Proms 2018’ ends the glorious Last Night of the Proms with a rousing ” Auld Lang Syne”.

Lyrics of Auld Lang Syne

The poem ” Auld Lang Syne ” by Robert Burns soon after its publication, became very popular and was sung widely. Over time the song became associated with Hogmanay, the Scottish term for the final day of the year and it has remained so ever since, even though there is no reason this beautiful song should not be sung on any night of the year.

The title of the poem is a Lallans, or Lowland Scotts phrase meaning ‘old long since’ or ‘days gone by’, and the poem is a straightforward celebration of how much of a pleasure it is to share a lovely drink and pass the time with good company while remembering those ‘days gone by’.

When we had concluded that the worst was over at the end of 2020, we had another terrible 2021, where many lost their near and dear ones, but I guess that just means we are still lucky to be alive and there is more life to live and time to share.

Praying that the worst is behind us and wishing every one a very Prosperous and a Happy 2022.

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