Pearls of Wisdom : Part 1

The wisdom below is from an industry veteran, resulting from 20 years of managing large design teams on developing cutting edge products. You will find that most of these deal with intrinsic attitudes and values. Some are theoretical in nature and others more pragmatic.

It’s the Product, stupid!
The correct extrapolation is that any activity that is not strongly related to making current products successful is flawed or extraneous. This includes all infrastructure, tools, HR policies, etc.

The wrong course vigorously pursued is better than the right course pursued in a vacillating manner.
– Even if you make a studied, but bad decision, you will know it sooner by starting to execute down that path. True in product planning, design execution, company/business strategies, etc. It is strongly related to Plan of Record, POR Discipline, which is found only in high performance teams.

There ain’t no magic
– Regardless about what you read in management books, what consultants tell you, or what your boss wants, there is nothing as magical as direct problem solving with smart, motivated people. It just looks magic when it comes together, and it NEVER follows someone else’s recipe…

A collection of independent teams will never achieve aggregate excellence.
– Those teams must become INTERDEPENDENT. This is true of units in a design, teams within a project, business units within a larger business, and divisions within a corporation.

more in part 2 ………

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