Brainstorm for more Young Brains

B R A I N S T O R M ! Women all over the world are having fewer babies. That fact alone will powerfully shape the 21st century.

Fertility is dropping in both the developed world and in developing giants like India and China, where greying populations will pose unheard of challenges. Quotes Dr. Alexandre Kalache of the World Health Organization: ” Developed countries first got rich and then got old. Developing countries are getting old before getting rich.” Lot of my fellow Indians always blamed the root cause of any social problem on the population. This century it may turn out to be it’s biggest asset, just like IT became a phenomena in serendipidity in the 90s.

Having a young, healthy and educated population will be the biggest asset in this century. GDPs of countries in the coming years may become hostage to the number of young men and women available to do work.

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