FDI vs Freedom

As a Indian who has worked in Hong Kong (after the handover), I am constantly compared and reminded of the progress China is making over India in terms of FDI, exports, economic progress etc. Subject to sit through comparisons of how the home PC market in China is ten times that of India. China has definitely put some priorities in place like infrastructure, export processing zones and marketing the China potential very well to the rest of the world. They have great macro in place. However in India we have always had a great entreprenurial class despite restrictions, great micro surrounded by very moderate micro. Through 40 years of socialist rule we maintained a culture of freedom, resourcefulness from a circumstance of constrained resources and the ability to assimilate in cultures the world over. In the software sector India is at least 10 years ahead of China, result of the right blend of English capability, business acumen, resourcefulness and technical expertise. We have something intangible that the world seems to many times overlook dwarfed by the priority to get economic activity ramping for eg FDI. India is way ahead in our value system, freedom of action and thought. If I had to choose between freedom and FDI, without a blink would go with freedom.

1 thought on “FDI vs Freedom”

  1. What is up with this constant focusing on India Vs. China? I scoure the net and it would seem that Indians on the net have this obsession with China and that there is this constant need to rationalize or downplay China’s success compared to India. Isn’t it possible to just state that India is not doing as well and leave it at that? This constant focusing on Micro vs. Macro is idiotic. The Chinese are the most entrepreneurial of all of the East asians. What is holding them back is Communism currently. In the diaspora of Southeast asia, they practically dominate the economies there and do quite well. Currently, china is focusing on Macro but it will soon turn its focus on microeconomics. If you look on the net, there are very few Chinese who are trying to compare themselves to Indians. Most are looking at the Western Countries as a source of comparison. Indians should do the same and stop trying to belittle the Chinese accomplishments.

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