Blogging Attitudes

The other day in a nostalgic conversation with an Intel veteran, received a small complement that my blog is better than our CEO Paul Otellini’s blog. I was a little stunned at his remark and responded that I was not sure whether my blog was better than his but for sure I started writing mine two and half years before he started writing. Paul started writing his blog for an internal Intel audience, inside the Intel firewall this January, when the concept of blogs started about 3 years ago. It took Intel and its new CEO three years to figure out the power of blogs. In contrast Jonathan Schwartz of Sun writes one blog that can be read by everyone employees, customers and shareholders and anyone who has any remote interest in Sun, unlike Paul who prefers the cocoon within the Intel firewall. Jonathan in a recent interview mentioned that other that strategic plans there is nothing that cannot be shared. I have read Paul’s blog for 6 months and there was nothing profound he wrote that could not have shared with all the 3 audiences. Somebody even posted all the content on his site in San Jose Mercury News. Fear what ?, Paul needs to quickly align his blog with the brilliant Mission statement of Intel ” Do a Great Job for Intel’s customers, shareholders and employees ” before he does a good job in his new role as CEO, at least he can start communicating with them.

1 thought on “Blogging Attitudes”

  1. You have changed the way I looked at it before. I enjoyed Paul’s blog and realized his hands were “tied” but if other can and are doing it then as you say “Fear what ?”

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