Are we stupid people ? Yes indeed.

(Via Indian Express) Sandipan Deb asks the question how stupid are we ? my answer, we are stupid people. Manmohan Singh in his latest press interview talks about various issues. His government has abused the constitution and no ideology to hold on to power. They will stay in power with ideological differences with the Left and Lalu, because it is not India but the Congress coffers which have to be filled up. Q was let go for 24 hrs where he swiftly removed his money and ran. Singh says it was the independent decision of the CBI, give me a break. Governments have been toppled in Bihar and Goa. Quotas have come up in private instutions but private minority instutions have no quota. You should see Kapil Sibal on TV, who looks so disgusting, in showering patronage to the Gandhi family. Now Sonia Gandhi is a source of inspiration for the PM also, for even if she is why tell the world about it. This is my first political post but the way our patronage culture can even change the ways of top class educated people is disgusting. Because they know that we have people majority, who cannot differentiate between good deeds and idol worship. Idol worship was introduced for the lower caliber to understand God. For a billion Indians we have Gandhi family idols that get worshipped by even educated stupid people. Lot of Indians believe Manmohan Singh is the architect of Indian reforms. I find the amazing first you lock the country for 40 years, inhibit even local competition, then directly open the gates and claim credit for it. So you lock first, then you open and then be the hero for opening it. Stupid people give credit where its not due. I have concluded one thing, being educated and stupid and shameless are not mutually exclusive. Manmohan Singh, Kapil Sibal are demonstrative examples of this.

1 thought on “Are we stupid people ? Yes indeed.”

  1. i mvery glad to hear that a new party has launched.this party will definitely make a change in already existing corrupt party.i hav very much keen intrest 2 join this party.u give me chance i 2 do more n more work 4 this party.

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