Mobile Phone Mania

The new fad with media is about the mobile phone growth in India. From Sam Pitroda, who has nothing to do with mobile phones, make statements on this topic. At the same time, most mobile phone consumers are frustrated with the experience of making a call and keeping the conversation on. I have not seen a single report or statement in any newspaper or by industry leaders on this issue. With everything else that is mediocre, the one last deregulated industry has succumbed to overgrowth. Private operators are running more number of concurrent conversations than specified, due to which we have bad signals, dropped calls, pathetic voice quality. We get swept away with any positive trend and believe we are leading the world. The airline industry is having a similar problem, lot of choices but under built airports, bad flying experience with delayed flights and long waits for baggage. For a while, everybody from Kalam was talking about India being the world’s largest producer of milk, but the lowest per capita consumption was not addressed. We are the world’s fastest or biggest market with the worst kind of service or lowest per capita consumption. What else can you expect, when you have a cable operator managing the telecom ministry in New Delhi. Similar to the airfare congestion surcharge, who knows we may be levied a congestion tax for making a mobile call also.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Mania”

  1. The sort of buzz that hes been generated around expectations of growth in the mobile industry worldwide truly hasn’t been seen since the mid-nineties and the Internet boom. But don’t think for a moment India is alone in poor mobile basics. With the number of times I hear my colleagues screaming at their desks when calls to mobiles in the States keep dropping out, I could write my own blog updated umpteen times a day on the use of colourful language!

  2. The mobile service in our country is better than it is in the west in terms of quality of connection.

    The problem with Indians is we can never see anything positive in us

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