Q/Q or Quality by Quantity

This ratio struck me as I was driving around Konkan last week. A ratio, India and Indians will have to introspect deeper, apply broadly, before making claims to be a global super power or realize instantly, when a visiting foreign dignitary or business executive blows hot air up our butt. This ratio is basically, quality by quantity, with a best case ideal value of 1. Below are some examples of why Q/Q in India lags the rest of the world (lets exclude Africa for the moment).

We have a million graduates annually and many studies have confirmed that only 25% of these are employable.

In the latest cricket triangular series, India has a population of a billion+ people, Australia 20 mln and Sri Lanka also has 20 million. Is the Indian team 50 times better or do we produce 50 teams that can match Australia. Instead at one time, I argued, that the Australian team is so good that all countries should should beat the Australian B and C teams before playing the A team. Something to think about as we try to make the next world cup shorter and more interesting.

Indian economists keep talking of a middle class that is 300 million strong. In her latest book, ” We are like that only” Rama Bijapurkar talks of only 6 million that can afford all available consumer goods.

We have 18 million kids, at any age point between 5 and 15, and we struggle to fill a class room for the National Defence Academy.

We need to add the dimension of quality in everything we do. If you look at our media, social discussions, work output, activities, status in society it is very quantitative and not qualitative.

It is a pathetic Q/Q number, the root cause why the software industry is struggling when one dollar still buys 40 rupees and the per capita income of India is US$564.

Are we a so-so, good or a great nation. Recollecting a famous quote, ” not gold but men make a nation great “, probably applies to India and Indians in the quantitative dimension.

2 thoughts on “Q/Q or Quality by Quantity”

  1. check Indian space expenditure… considering the employee strengh and factoring in the low wages, actually we spend almost as much as US! the Q/Q ratio again…

  2. Same thing happening here in China …. University graduates become unemployed as soon as they graduate.

    A well-trained technician in mechanical or mould making area has a better career future than the graduates …

    Skillful labors (blue collar) are always in short-supply in China while everyone is trying to turn themshelves into a knowledge labor …..

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