CEOs take Chidambaram to task at India Economic Summit

The India honeymoon is coming to an end. Many of the CEOs at the India Economic summit sounded critical of India’s perceived ineffectiveness in tackling socio economic problems.

Chidambaram was told that problems in India were aplenty, but the government did not seem to be acting with a sense of urgency.

Indira Nooyi, CEO PepsiCo, was candid and upfront, we have talked about all issues and what needs to be done. It is time to show progress against the action and the progress has to be faster that it has been. I know the problems are enormous, the issues are growing exponentially while the solutions are coming at a very slow pace.  That’s not a very good equation to contend with.

Of course Chidambaram defended himself with the number of programs launched for women and the poor, however admitted that the government was not organized for swift action. Also the impact of the programs had to do  more with accountability.

Other CEOs echoed her sentiment leaning on words like “imperative” in reference to growth and development of education system, gender inequality and infrastructure growth. When we talk of infrastructure we can’t lose sight of all the elements which are imperative.

You can’t fool all the people all the time. The Indian honeymoon is over, everyone needs to focus on the fundamentals clean water, education, healthcare, public transportation, gender equality and demand honest accountability. Do not get fooled or confused with activity over progress.

1 thought on “CEOs take Chidambaram to task at India Economic Summit”

  1. This is point on. The rate at which the Govt is reacting to the issues at hand is mind blowing. Corruption, Judicial malaise, Police apathy, Government inefficiency, and just decay all around – are just some of the gigantic problems facing India. And our politicians – central and state – seem to carry on looting as if there is no tomorrow. Congress, for a foreseeable future, seems to be in charge of the helm, but refuses to do anything. Does not bode well for the country.

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