Portfolio In the News 22-Jan-2012

Town Essentials goes Consumer.  Founded by Amar Murty and supported by yours truly, Town was primarily a B2B service, servicing 400 restaurants, caterers, institutional canteens, in and around Bangalore, on the lines of Sysco.   In serendipity, we discovered,  about 30 families around Bangalore were using our service. We investigated “Why?” these customers were buying from us, to our pleasant surprise it was the quality of Town groceries. This highlighted the fact, that the street corner kirana store and food departmental stores like Spencers, Food Bazaar, Reliance, etc were driven by attributes other than quality. The corner kirana  store scores on gratification via good service and organized retail by optimizing price via higher volumes. Town delivers on many fronts, the best quality in its class, environmental friendly packing, personally selected fresh veggies and delivery at your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your current supplier, ” Checkin To  Town”  >>>>

Livemint  in an article, “The Long and Shot of it”, covers DesmondJi, India’s first agave-based beverage.  DesmondJi will provide a number of drinking options via neat shots or in cocktail form.  A  750ml bottle of 51% agave from DesmondJi costs Rs495, while the 100% comes for Rs750 in Goa. Very soon, DesmondJi will be available across India after signing a national sales and distribution agreement with Nashik Vintners Pvt. Ltd, the company that owns Sula Vineyards. Eight months and about 3,000 cases (12 bottles each) later, Desmond founder of DesmondJi, says he is yet to meet someone who has complained of a hangover after a night of pure DesmondJi-bingeing. Some consumers have claimed it’s given them second wind, particularly after the first yawn of a late evening…… >>>>

Clover Greens launches villas around their Golf course on the Sarjapur – Attibelle link road. The villas will be developed by Assetz Homes, a Singapore based company.   Put your life on course by discovering “The Beautiful Life” at Clover Greens >>>>

Educational Initiatives(EI)  has a brand new website, check it out,  trust me it is world class!  >>>>

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