Some points from a Twitter Conversation with Rishi Jaitly

Rishi Jaitly, India Market Director Twitter, talks to The Idea Exchange (via Indian Express)  read full interview   >>>>

He makes some good points that are worth noting,

Twitter was invented as an SMS status update service in California around 8 years ago.

We think of twitter as — this idea of a town square, where you first follow, and then you connect with others.

We describe twitter as a interest graph. People are coming to twitter to connect to brands, entertainment, etc

Twitter is the only platform in the world that is live, public and conversational.

76% of all users access twitter using a mobile phone.

We have a platform like no other, live, distributive. What you see is content that is organized and optimized for conversation.

The only platform in the world that is live, public and conversational.

The magic of twitter is actually in discovering content.

Twitter can bring anything to life in the first person,  that what audiences actually crave for.

Twitter presents an opportunity for brands to personify.

It’s nice to see that Mr Modi has understood the value of being human on twitter.

Mr Kejriwal getting slapped and tweeting about it 5 mins later… that represents a very nuanced understanding of twitter.

All of us at twitter believe in the power of the human voice and twitter is one of the most powerful examples of that.

We are the second screen of TV, one can make a case that TV is essentially a schedule of events, twitter on the other hand is a network of moments. Both TV and twitter are live, public and conversational.

Twitter is the world’s town square.

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