Don’t wink at Pakistan : A viewpoint

(via Macky on email) In response to Saeed Naqvi’s article in the Express, Macky expresses that he endorses Saeed Naqvi’s views, completely. Having been educated in Muslim schools (Along with other Hindu children)in Haroonabad, Bhawalpur State, in Pakistan before partition and having interacted with Muslim boys / their families, I could say with some authority that these Muslims were as tolerant religiously as we Hindus were and are. These madvassas inculcating Jihadi culture into Muslim children is a Pakistani creation and I beg to submit that it would have probably never come about if India was not partitioned. I have had Muslim friends, whose children at tender age of 4 / 5 years have been thought by a maulva very early in the mornings about Islam, but these children are the most decent / courteous souls you can meet; I am referring to my friend Mr. M.A Khan and family in Luknow whose father (if I remember right) was a collector in UP during British period, now half the family is in Pakistan.

I could not agree with Naqvi more that only way to repeat only way, to solve this problem is to have Hindus / Muslims in India live with Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan as if the partition never took place; with the tremendous reach of media now (compared to old days) one could avoid misunderstanding based on unconfirmed reports or based on mischievous elements in both communities causing problems. I think India (do not read Hindus) with its large, almost entirely tolerant Muslim population has a great role to play in modernizing and secularizing Islam.

When we were in Bangalore during 1967-69 I do not remember having seen one Burkha; I see a lot of them now, which is a sign of religious fundamentalism creeping in, from across the border. I feel bad being deprived of seeing some of the prettiest faces (is this not unconstitutional and against fundamental right of the individual).

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