Corruption in India – II

There could be multiple reasons why a society is corrupt: because  people are basically corrupt or the systems implemented are corrupt, or the social fabric is corrupt ? reasons could be many.  Couple of articles one should mull on, could offer some clues. Are we born corrupt or made corrupt by the value systems in our upbringing.

(via Sagarika Ghose) in an article “No honest brokers” brings out good points, Several cricketers have expressed the belief that dishonesty exists not just in Pakistan cricket, but in the very DNA of the subcontinent. Michael Atherton said that the root of all evil in cricket can be traced to India and Imran Khan stated that when a society says you can get away with all crime, what’s a little no-ball?  >>>

(via and article in Times) One in three Indians utterly corrupt, and half are “borderline”, an observation by  Pratyush Sinha, who retired as India’s Central Vigilance Commissioner this week, said the worst part of his “thankless job” was observing how corruption had increased as people became more materialistic.  >>>>

By the way Transparency International, the global anti-graft body, puts India 84th on its corruption perception index with a 3.4-point rating, out of a best possible score of 10. New Zealand comes first with 9.4 and Somalia last with 1.1, we come closer to Somalia.

In management we used to always debate are leaders born or leader made. I am having a similar debate now, are Indians born corrupt  or become corrupt by our upbringing. ? Think about it and please leave comments.

3 thoughts on “Corruption in India – II”

  1. The answer to your question lies in this question – were our kids corrupt at birth?

    I guess the answer is NO. It is the system where we live that makes us corrupt.

    But it is not that simple. I think people sometimes confuse between corruption and human weakness. Being greedy, lustful, desirous for more, angry are some of the traits that most of us are born with. It is in our DNA whether we accept it or not. So, if your question is – are we born with these traits, the answer is yes. You find these traits exhibited by people in India, US, China, Sudan everywhere.

    Now, it is the system that differs from country to country in the degree to which these traits (especially the negative ones) are acceptable and encouraged. Indians tend to exhibit these traits more in India becaue the system does not require them to be disciplined enough to control themselves.

  2. Corruption per se; I’d say yes rather like any other trait we are born with; just as we are all born with the ability to commit crime, climb mountains or do any of the millions of tasks we perform to varying degrees of perfection on a daily basis.

    The key would seem to be environment and in India we appear to have created the perfect environment for not only corruption, but a large number of other criminal and law breaking activities to become not only acceptable, but the norm. With this we have now created an almost resolute commitment to the individuals right to commit such crimes with impunity.
    Just a few which grabbed the headlines briefly:
    1. A convicted and self confessed fraudster (match fixing of ODI’s) as an elected member of parliament – Mohammed Azharuddin
    2. A killer of endangered species; the blackbuck; at best gets a slap on the wrist – MAK Pataudi
    3. Charged in 1993 for illegal possession of guns, convicted on 30th July 2007 to 6 years “rigorous imprisonment”; released on interim bail and despite a further conviction remains at liberty an active in his profession – Sanjay Dutt

    This doesn’t even start to touch on the “minor misdemeanours” committed regularly and at all levels of society and education:
    One ways not adhered to
    Red lights run
    No parking signs disobeyed

    You can see similar thoughts of mine: https://tisafoodie.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/traffic-rules-respect/

    I do find myself wondering if this is a throwback to Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement; that in fact we as a nation have forgotten we have cleared the yoke of foreign governance and are in fact screwing up our own country for ourselves with this behaviour!

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